Our Team

Our investment teams are based in Dubai, Europe (mainly UK), USA, and Australia. They communicate and meet regularly to share information, plans, and strategies.

Our in-house analysts do their own research and rigorous due diligence, with specialization by asset class, sector and geography. They also have high-level access to top outside financial, industry specific, and investment expertise.

Our executive management team consists of:

Aamer Abdul Aziz – Chairman & Group CEO

Aamer has 35 years of executive management experience with exceptional track record in turn-around management, performance improvements, brand building, business innovation, and sustainability. As the founder of Phoenix, Aamer is responsible for setting up the group strategic vision, business direction, fiscal planning,risk management, asset acquisitions, management and divestments, and corporate governance.

Prior to founding Phoenix, Aamer held senior roles with responsibilities for fundraising and placements, investors and government relations, and leading corporate developments for leading regional financial institutions and global multinational corporations including BD Globe, Bloomberg Capital Partners, Al Jebra Capital, Bashayer Investment, Coca-Cola International, Philip Morris International, BAT, American Express, and Union National Bank.

Having grown up on a family farm in Bahrain that was a top breeder of Arabian horses, Aamer later became a champion owner, four years in a row from 1980 to 1984. His passion for horses has kept him in the equine industry for more than three decades, during which he has developed a nexus of contacts between the Middle East, Europe, USA, and Australia.

Over the years, Aamer has developed a unique insight into the Thoroughbred industry and he  visits numerous stud farms worldwide and attends most of the major races and auctions. A horse owner to this day, he is involved in numerous high-end trades and serves as a consultant for other investors in multi-million purchases of Thoroughbreds.

Aamer holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from University of California, Berkeley, USA.

Vishal Kodikal – COO, Waste Management

Vishal has 27 years of senior management experience building global brands and leading award-winning sustainability initiatives. He is responsible for the Phoenix Holding’s waste management, sustainability, and renewable energy portfolio.

As a focused and high impact business leader who has led businesses across the Middle East, Africa,  andAsia, Vishal has delivered exceptional market and financial results with multinational companies such as American President Lines, British American Tobacco, and Jotun paints.

In his last assignment, Vishal represented Jotun Paints as a permanent founding board member of the Emirates Green Building Council, UAE. From 2012-17, during which he led many sustainability initiatives with the Green Building regulations for Dubai Municipality, Dubai Central Laboratory, Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology, Environmental Product Declaration, representing the paints and coating industry, leading many innovative initiatives to ensure that sustainability was driving the value chain with regards to raw materials, storage, logistics, production, distribution, product disposal, recycling, and waste management.

Vishal holds a MSc. from the University of London.

Ahmad Afyouni, Head of Placements

Ahmad Afyouni has more than 12 years of experience in the finance, Investments and insurance industries. At Phoenix, Ahmad is responsible for business development for the group. Prior to joining Phoenix, Ahmad was Senior Vice President at Al Masah Capital Management where he led the development of key partnerships with investors in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, devised sales and placement strategies, and developed and reviewed potential business acquisitions.

During his career, Ahmad has also worked as a Senior Relationship Manager of Private Banking at the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and in various roles including Wealth Manager at HSBC.

Throughout his career, Ahmad has constantly equipped himself with information and knowledge by attending professional development courses related to his field. He has undergone accreditation with HSBC as Wealth Advisor and Cannon Wealth Management. He also obtained an International Certificate in Advanced Wealth Management from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI).

Ahmed holds a Bachelor of Business Management from MUT, Lebanon.