Other Investments


At NgageU we believe there is a better way to use technology, by simplifying the business problems and transform towards growth. NgageU is an enterprise cloud and mobility expert with over 5 years of excellent track record in the UAE. Our DNA, our core competency is digitization and process enhancement through intuitive UI/UX design, innovative solutions and cloud integration.

Technology is empowering people—advancements in collaboration technologies are transforming the world: unlocking innovative ideas, opportunities and business growth as people securely engage, collaborate and innovate anywhere, at any time. Smart organizations are changing the way they work, using analytics to anticipate opportunities, improving productivity and creating a secure environment for collaboration.

‘Our core mission is to transform companies to truly digital enterprise. We do it through our products and solutions’  

We are very passionate about our mission and we will help the enterprise to achieve it. In all our products and solutions we give lot of a1enCon to the design. Because we strongly believe

the user experience is the most important aspect of any product to succeed. This can be only achieved through creating world class intuit design. We have an extensive and deep knowledge about the design and development of the product. Which in turn help the enterprise in the digital transformation journey. The success of the product depends on the high user adoption. Our range of solutions covers financial, hospitality, human resources, and technology migration / integration.


Qbeats Inc. develops an electronic database that instantly connects people everywhere with thousands of professional journalists and original news providers. The company was incorporated in 2010 and is based in New York, New York. One article, one brand. Tell your story around meaningful, premium content, and enjoy precise targeting and a 100% view rate on every ad.

Access to high quality content for everyone

We are indexing the world’s online content and applying quantitative science and AI to illuminate its monetary value, which we define as Quantitative Market Value (QMV)

Provider of quantitative analytics services intended to bring value of information to life. The company’s quantitative analytics offer to transact, sustain and grow news and information businesses through assigning real-time value to content by factoring in variables such as demand, relevance, timeliness, exclusivity and journalist ratings, enabling clients to have global access for consumption of content at the story level.